Sunday, August 21, 2005

Living lean

I apologize for the infrequency of my posts and ask for your indulgence over the next few weeks as I move 500 miles east to my new home in Ohio. Also, being online and typing is a bit difficult at the moment because it involves me sitting on the floor cross-legged with the keyboard on my lap. (I'm not as young as I used to be and my back can only take it for so long.)

I returned from my apartment hunting adventure in Ohio late Wednesday evening and was informed on Thursday that the movers were coming to pack and load all my worldly possessions on Saturday. I protested, saying I had to work Saturday and also mentioned the small detail that I'll be in Madison for two more weeks working at my current job. Of course, the woman I spoke to didn't care a whit about that fact and said Saturday was the only day they could come to guarantee delivery the week before I start my new job.

My living room consists of my computer's tower and monitor ( I have a freelance writing assignment due early next week and need it for that, but also, I'm ashamed to admit I couldn't stand the thought of no Internet access for the next few weeks), TV (also on the floor), one folding chair and a TV tray loaned to me so I'd have a place to eat.

I also set aside one plate, bowl, fork, knife, spoon, a wooden spoon, pizza cutter, cookie tray and pot for cooking and eating. All my food is in the fridge or consolidated into one cupboard.

So things look pretty bare, but to tell the truth, when the apartment started to empty out, I couldn't help smiling. I haven't enjoyed living here and never saw this place as my permanent home.

Like Amanda, who relocated to New York in early July, I'm scared at the thought of moving to a new city where I don't know a soul, but at the same time I'm excited at the thought of what awaits me.

Monday, August 08, 2005

My first splurge

Given that I'll be starting my first professional position one month from Friday, I got a head start today on the additional income I'll be receiving by getting rid of my 1993 teal Cavalier with 166,000 + miles on it and replacing it with a 2004 red Cavalier with a soon-to-be mileage of 26,000.

My 1993 model was the first new car I bought, as well as the one which prompted me to learn to drive a manual transmission and I have to say it was a great car. The last six weeks or so though, it had been showing its age and had been very sluggish some mornings to start. Last Thursday, I went down to my parking garage to leave for work and it finally decided it wasn't going to start for me. The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with it and it started and ran well all weekend, but it was only going to be a matter of time before the next major problem happened and the car simply wasn't worth throwing tons of money into anymore. I also had legitimate concerns that it wouldn't make the drive to my new home.

I'm really enjoying my new car, though it will take some time getting used to the new bells and whistles it has. And I feel better knowing that I'll have reliable transportation for my upcoming move and for driving back and forth to my new job.

Wikipedia crackdown

A post on today says that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is instituting tougher editorial policies in an attempt to lessen vandalism to the Web-based encyclopedia's entries.

* Addendum: Thanks to j and one of her blog readers for pointing out that this story is untrue. Jimmy Wales stated this on Larry Lessig's blog, where Wales has been guest blogging.

Librarian Action Figure: New AND Deluxe!

I learned this exciting tidbit via one of the listservs I subscribe to and also received an e-mail today from my good friend Em, so the news is spreading rapidly.

Following the success of the wildly popular librarian action figure, a new deluxe version is now being offered. In addition to the figure, modeled after librarian Nancy Pearl, there is a book cart, multiple stacks of books, a reference desk and computer terminal. And never fear, the amazing "shushing action" is still here. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Let the weeping begin

My boss put out the official announcement today that my last day at work will be September 2nd. I'll then be moving over Labor Day weekend and beginning my new position on September 12th.

Today proves what a rough month this will be. I had people stop by my desk to wish me well and tell me they're going to miss me and I got the sweetest e-mail from one of my favorite colleagues.

I can't imagine what it will be like to say goodbye to my three immediate colleagues. The past five years working with them has been nothing short of wonderful. How many people are able to say that about their jobs?

I've been so incredibly lucky and blessed to have had them in my life.

Monday, August 01, 2005

"Information Wants to be Free" survey

Meredith of "Information Wants to be Free" is moving to Vermont this week for a new position and in the interim, is asking readers to complete a short survey (the link is within this post) to give her a better idea of what we're interested in learning about and subsequently, what she posts about. Help her out, I just filled out the survey and it took less than five minutes.

I'll be interested in hearing more about her out of state move. I'll be doing the same in just about a month's time. Hope everything goes smoothly Meredith!

Starbucks enters the library

An interesting AP story out of Louisiana, where LSU has announced that Starbucks will move into the first floor of Middleton Library, as well as into two other locations on campus.

Students are less than thrilled:

"Not Collins Phillips, a senior and campus leader who has worked at a cafe. `Coffee shops, they're loud,' he said. `It's a library. They already have to put up signs like 'No cell phones' to keep things quiet.'"