Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lazy weekend

I've been thoroughly enjoying my long weekend, but having this extended stretch of time off has made me incredibly lazy.

Thursday I had dinner with Kristine and her family, which was much nicer than sitting in my apartment alone, which I've done on most holidays since moving from Wisconsin. The food was excellent. (I'll be having the leftovers for dinner tonight.)

Friday I got my hair cut and colored. It was high time for the former since my hair was the longest it's been since I was 12. As for the latter, my gray hairs have been taking over my brown ones and it was high time for that as well.

This morning I lost my power and was fearing it would be a repeat of the "fun" time I had in September when I was without power for two days and had to throw nearly all my food out. When I called the power company to report the outage around 10:30, I was told someone was on the way to check out the problem and the estimated time of restoration was 1:45. (Don't ask me how they can estimate a time when they don't yet know the problem.) In any case, the power came back on around 12:45. I used the down time to read the latest issue of News Library News (great job Julie!) and to sneak a cat nap.

This afternoon I feel quite accomplished. I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and changed the sheets on the bed. I also did some shopping (who cares if all I bought was stuff for me)?

I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon working on holiday cards, catching up on some reading and enjoying the rest of the weekend.


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