Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Harvey Milk

I've recently become fascinated with the story of Harvey Milk's life and have been reading everything I can find on him. That interest has only been heightened by the upcoming release of the film "Milk," which stars Sean Penn as Harvey Milk and Josh Brolin as Dan White, Milk's colleague on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who murdered Milk and Mayor George Moscone on November 27, 1978.

I watched a fantastic documentary yesterday, "The Times of Harvey Milk," which I would urge anyone wanting to learn more about Milk to watch. The film won an Oscar for Best Documentary, Features in 1985.

Here are some other links worth checking out:

* A Time Magazine story on Milk in which he was named one of the 100 "Most Important People of the Century."

* A site featuring the work of David Newman, who captured through his drawings the scene both in and out of the courtroom during the trial of Dan White.

* A story from NPR's "All Things Considered" on the legacy of Milk. (Thanks to Linda for the link.)

* The trailer for the upcoming film "Milk."


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