Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Librarian intercepts pervert

I've been quiet the past few days while I've been dealing with a cold that has, as all my colds seem to do, turned into an annoying hacking cough.

Thanks to Cyberspastic for sending me the following news item out of Ohio.

A school librarian at (I kid you not) Mt. Healthy High School foiled a pervert's plot to meet up with a teen for sex after the two communicated online.

On Monday the pervert sent an instant message to the teen asking her to meet him. The message was seen on a school computer by the librarian, who called police. The cops were waiting for 24-year-old Peter Fossett, who's from Kentucky, when he showed up at the designated location where he and the teen were to meet.

Librarian 1, Pervert 0


Blogger Cindy said...

Mt. Healthy? It seems like that name is just dying for some kind of ridiculous pun, but it's too early for me to think up a clever response.

8:37 AM  

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