Friday, October 21, 2005

"In Cold Blood" anniversary

With the release of the film "Capote," there's also been a focus on the 40th anniversary of the publication of Truman Capote's only novel, "In Cold Blood." I re-read the book recently and became curious as to what had happened to the two surviving Clutter daughters, Eveanna and Beverly.

While searching, I stumbled across a site created after the publication of a series run by the Lawrence Journal-World in Lawrence, Kansas to commemorate the book's anniversary. The site was also mentioned in today's edition of the Scout Report.

Eveanna, who is now 68 and her sister, Beverly, 65, live near each other in Newton, Kansas and both say that "we want to remember our parents in a positive light, not the negative," which is why they rarely comment on the brutal murder that took their parents, sister and brother from them in November 1959. They have shunned frequent interview requests because they feel the Capote book was unfair and inaccurately depicted their family, although they did grant an interview for this series, which is included within the site.


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