Monday, July 09, 2007

The call of the big 4-0 grows louder

I wonder what the heck I'll call my post when I actually turn 40 in the not too distant future.

I'm not there yet, but yes, today is my birthday.

I'm off work and planning to enjoy myself with my favorite pastime, movies and my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies which arrived on Saturday.

I get fewer and fewer cards every year. Mom and Dad sent one of course, but otherwise Pam and my dentist were the only other ones I got.

In her card, Pam reminded me that we've been friends for over 25 years now and asked me where all the time has gone. (We're the same age.)

I also got a call from my 6-year-old nephew and when I asked him if he knew how old Aunt Amy was, his guess was 852. :)

The only thing that would make this day better would be to be home in Madison and having dinner at Paisan's.

That adventure will have to wait until I head home in early September, but in the meantime, happy birthday to me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait till 60 is getting closer dude == it's even worse.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Ha ha. Thanks for the birthday wishes dude!

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh crap. sorry I missed your bday. Last year I remembered a card...I hope your day was great. Eating cookies and watching films sounds pretty damn fine to me :)

12:18 PM  
Anonymous MotherPie said...

I just turned 50 this year and think it is great.

11:57 AM  

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