Monday, October 09, 2006

"I Wish I'd Been There"

NPR's "Talk of the Nation" featured a fascinating segment today on the new book "I Wish I'd Been There: Twenty Historians Bring to Life Dramatic Events That Changed America." Some of the events which the various essayists wished they had been present at include the Salem witch trials, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the Scopes trial.

As for me, where I would have liked to have been is on the set of the film "Gone With The Wind" or to have attended the July 6, 1957 dedication ceremonies for the Truman Presidential Library. The latter gives away my status as a history geek, but I don't mind.

What event would you have liked to have been present at?


Blogger Rosebud said...

I would like to have been present for a random week during my grandma's childhood. She lived during the depression and always had stories of games she played, movies she saw and things that were going on.

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