Saturday, June 24, 2006

Carroll's story "weeks from publication"

"Editor & Publisher" reports that Jill Carroll has completed the story of her kidnapping and 82 days of being held in captivity, but The Christian Science Monitor does not expect publication to occur for several weeks. World Editor Dave Scott elaborated, saying "we do not have a pub date." He added that Carroll's story is "long and multi-part" and that she is taking the time she needs to do story edits as she continues to recover and to deal with the murder of her interpreter.

Scott also alluded to the possibility that retaliation toward journalists is a real concern, so Carroll and her editors are debating how much detail to offer in the story.

Since her release, Jill "has maintained a low profile" and has refused interview requests and declined invitations for her to appear at award presentations. Monitor editors will represent her at such functions.

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