Friday, April 14, 2006

News & Record redesign

Earlier this year, I spoke of my admiration for John Robinson, the editor of the News & Record in Greensboro, North Carolina, who in my opinion is a visionary in the world of news. Robinson maintains his own blog, The Editor's Log, where he posts his thoughts and solicits feedback from readers about the things they want to see in the paper and answers questions about why an issue was covered in a particular way or at all in its pages.

In a post from today, Robinson speaks about a redesign for the paper, which will debut
in the April 19th issue. The paper's last redesign occurred in 1993 and took an approach similar to USA Today.

The new look is meant to be modern, "to provide more breadth and depth to our report, to give readers meaningful information to help them plan their lives and to produce journalism with impact and consequence." The majority of changes are meant to "improve the content rather than dramatically change the paper's look."

* Addendum 4/16: Robinson offered more details in his Sunday column, which was also posted to his blog.


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