Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NPR starts blogging!

If you've spent any time perusing my blog, you'll see that many of my posts come from the interesting programs I listen to daily on NPR.

NPR is adding to its offerings with the introduction of a blog, "Mixed Signals." Content will include a discussion of people and events in the news, as well as stories which NPR staff found compelling, but for one reason or another, didn't make it on the air.

The effort is being directed by NPR producer JJ Sutherland, who was the featured guest on a segment of today's "Talk of the Nation." Sutherland spoke to "Talk of the Nation" host Neil Conan (who is also Sutherland's uncle) and took calls from listeners about the things they would most like to see on the blog. One of the suggestions, to post a list of the Web sites and blogs regularly visited by NPR staff members, is already underway, as Sutherland has requested that his colleagues send him their favorite sites and interesting links.

As a sidenote, a similar effort occurred a couple months ago when several employees of The Poynter Institute supplied readers with their "Poynter Diets," a list of the places they turn to get their news each day.

The blog has a feed that isn't working at the moment, but I've sent an e-mail alerting JJ to this fact. I also had a suggestion: to devote a portion of the blog to the reference and research questions asked of and answered by the NPR librarians. (Keeping my fingers crossed it happens.)

* Addendum: The feed is working fine now, so subscribe already! :)


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