Sunday, June 19, 2005

Congrats Sweet Moustache!

Congrats to my ex, SM (no pun intended). He finished the HHH with an unofficial time of 10 hours and 3 minutes.

Yes, I admit I still look at his biking Web site from time to time, but not several times in one week as I did when he first dumped me.

Time does heal all wounds and I wish him no ill will, only the best. I'm sure he doesn't wish the same for me, but I'm taking the high road on this one.

And why do I feel so free typing all about him? The chances of him ever looking at my blog and for that matter, caring about anything I have to say, well, are about as likely as me ever being able to do the HHH. In other words, nill.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your blog, now you have to ride the HHH.

10:17 PM  

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