Sunday, September 30, 2007

Are readers embracing newspaper blogs?

The answer is no if you agree with the contentions made by Choire Sicha in a recent post on Gawker.

The problem, Sicha contends, is that newspaper Web sites have made the mistake of grouping all their blogs together, preferring to organize by form rather than by content. "Readers just don't come to a newspaper's website looking for a messy passel of blogs," Sicha writes. "They come looking for sports, or fashion, no matter what `form' it's in. Old newspaper editors may think blogs are some crazy different variety of publication; readers don't."

The end result, Sicha adds, is "that most of the blog writers end up screaming into the void."

Many thanks to Romenesko for the link.


Blogger inquisitive said...

interesting. that makes sense though.

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