Thursday, July 20, 2006

NPR honors Schorr

NPR honored Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr at a luncheon yesterday in anticipation of Schorr's 90th birthday, which is August 31st. The occasion was marked by the announcement of the newly named "The Daniel Schorr Studio."

Despite the fact that "people have joked with me that the average employee at NPR is one-third my age," Schorr has no plans to retire. "I don't think at all about retirement. For me, puzzling out what's happening in Iraq or with Hezbollah is more fun than playing checkers."

One irony regarding the luncheon is that it was billed as "an NPR family event" and as such, didn't allow reporters from outside NPR to attend. Schorr, a longtime proponent of freedom of the press, was indignant when he was informed about the exclusion. "It's absurd," Schorr said. "I don't want to start an argument with NPR, but I regret that. And I apologize."


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