Thursday, January 12, 2006

Are you a librarian? Take the quiz!

j posted about a quiz you can take to find out if you are a librarian and I admit I was afraid to take it after reading about her results. j is one of the smartest people I know and a wonderful librarian, so when she remarked that she didn't do well, I sure wasn't going to see how badly I would fail.

But then I was prodded by my friend Amanda, who bit the bullet and took the quiz. I had to test myself and even though I was tempted to cheat by using my search skills to find the correct answers, I remained entirely honest throughout the process.

The result? I'm an "aspiring librarian," which is defined as follows:

"You're getting there - you know more than most people about libraries. Maybe you're starting Library School and getting yourself ready to take over the profession. Or maybe you already work in a library but just don't know some of the history and details. But, you're more of an aspiring librarian than a full-fledged librarian."

I beg your pardon, but no quiz takes away the fact that Amanda, j and I are full-fledged librarians who are unbelievably great at what we do.


Anonymous emily said...

well i scored abouve 88%, so i feel confident calling myself a librarian :)

1:35 PM  

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